James Issac


Glad you dropped by! Here are some technical and creative things I’m interested in.


  • Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare
  • Guitar and Piano Playing
  • Hiking
  • Portrait and Street Photography
  • Writing Haikus
  • Theology
  • Cooking the Perfect Steak


  • MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2013

    Purdue University

  • BSc Electrical Engineering, 2011

    The University of Texas at Dallas


South Africa: A Collection of Haikus

Two friends and I flew Into a land of beauty - Penguins on the beach! Barbeque or braai Lamb seared to sweet perfection Am I in heaven? …

Clustering: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The task of grouping data points into groups (clusters) such that points in a group are more ‘similar’ to each other than to points …

Essential SQL

Given the rise of ‘big-data’, effectively managing and working with that stored data becomes very important — you’re only able to ask …

Understanding Deep Neural Networks from First Principles: Logistic Regression

Over the past few decades, the digitization of our society has led to massive amounts of data being stored. Combining this increase in …

Keep Your Eyes Where You Want to Go, and Other Life Lessons I've Learned from Motorcycling

“Look through the curve!” the instructor barked over the noise of motorcycle engines. I revved the throttle and looked …


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