South Africa: A Collection of Haikus

Two friends and I flew
Into a land of beauty -
Penguins on the beach!
brai Barbeque or braai
Lamb seared to sweet perfection
Am I in heaven?
shells Seashells by the beach
Waves crash, mussels grow, splish splash
Sand between my toes
safari The best time to think
Is on a safari ride
Lions, giraffes, pause
benz Benz thinking of you
Soft breeze, gentle gaze, warm touch
Let’s take a road trip
robben I’m free, or am I?
Do I still hate, I wonder
Teach me how to fly
boat The calm blue, vast sea
Secrets I’ve kept, buried deep
Float along, my ship home Dash, slide, I jump up
Falling onto silken sheets
Sleep, how I’ve missed you

James Issac

A whole new world, that’s where we’ll be.